Magnocampo, Growing Agave Plants Business Unit

The history of Magnocampo initiated 12 years ago, as one of our business units, dedicated to the planting, caring, growing, and maturation of the Agave Tequilana Weber Blue variety —our reason to exist —, with the noble mission of providing the best premium material and with the highest quality standards.

Amatitán, Jalisco is the heart of the Magnocampo agave landscape which, together with extensive Agave fields in La Ciénega, Barrancas, Nayarit, and Valles, add:

  • More than 20 million Blue Agave plants.
  • More than 6 thousand hectares of Blue Agave plantations.
  • 3 million Agaves are planted each year within the planting program.

Every and each Agave plant has the support of a team of people who take care of it, and these same people are responsible for evaluating the land to renew the soil conditions, as well as choosing the strongest and healthiest sprouts so that the Agave matures in great optimal natural conditions. Abundant harvests are obtained with the best quality.

It is with enthusiasm and meticulous dedication that every single day our laborers ensure the growth of their plantations, and it is thanks to their passion and commitment that the purity of the agave is preserved in each harvest cycle.

The jimadores, for their part, who for generations have sculpted the heart of the agave, are in charge of jimar the Agave. The Coa, their main work tool, bears witness to the hard work involved in working in the field to provide the world with the benefits of the Agave. Once their work is done, it’s time to drop the Coa and rest. A team of porters will collect the hearts of the Agave to take them to the factory. The next day, the harmonious process starts all over again.

This is how behind each Agave plant, there is a whole history of tradition passed from parents to sons, impregnated with all the richness that the same land where it grows offers, and in perfect synchrony with its environment and with the people who are around this amazing ecosystem. All these characteristics make it unique in its kind.

More than 10 national and international organic and social certifications speak of the commitment to providing the best raw material, positioning Magnocampo as one of the main producers of Blue Agave plants in Mexico.

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