Casa Natima, Agave-based alcoholic beverages business unit.

From the heart of the agave landscape, Amatitán, Jalisco, born Casa Natima, our Agave-based alcoholic beverages business unit, with the vision of bringing a unique spirit to Mexico and the world.

Casa Natima, Tequilera de Origen, is the distillery of contemporary Mexico, where we combine traditional and modern processes, creating unique Tequila profiles to delight all consumers in the world. At our distillery, we make Tequila 100% Agave and Tequila, meeting the needs and requirements of our customers globally.

At Casa Natima, we put dedication, tradition, and respect in each part of the Tequila production process, from the planting of our Blue Agave, which is cared for and nurtured with organic and natural ingredients until it reaches maturity; when it is ready to harvest, and finally, to create the emblematic spirit drink of Mexico: Tequila.

The elaboration of Tequila is an exciting and artisanal process that takes time and dedication; this process is carried out by our master distiller, who, with his skill and experience, gives life to a spirit that carries with it the essence of its origin. His expert hands shape every process detail to meet all quality and flavor standards.

This is how we created Tequila at Casa Natima:

1.- Cultivation and Jima of the Blue Agave plants.

The Agave, an iconic plant of Mexico, is cultivated with passion and care for many years before harvest. Our jimador selects the ripe agaves to take them as raw material.

2.- Cooking of the heart of the Agave.

Once the Agave has been harvested, the heart of the Agave, also known as “piña,” is slowly cooked in masonry ovens lined with clay for a higher concentration of natural sugars, maintaining sweet and fruity notes of the Agave.

3.- Juice extraction.

The cooked Agave is crushed using the Tahona, a volcanic stone wheel that slowly passes over the Agave to extract the juices rich in sugars.

4.- Fermentation in tanks.

Agave juices are fermented in open tanks to allow the natural yeasts in the Amatitán region’s environment to do their job, converting the sugars into alcohol.

5.- Double distillation.

This process is carried out in our copper stills, where the first distillation is carried out with bagasse inside, and in a second distillation, we obtain purer and more intense flavors.

6.- Maturation in barrels.

The Blanco Tequila, obtained in double distillation, is poured into American White Oak or French White Oak Barrels to become, after a while, Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo Tequila.

7.- Packaging.

Once the Tequila has reached the desired profile, it is bottled and labeled to captivate the world.

8.- Tequila.

Thanks to the Blue Agave that gives us its nobility, essence, and sweetness, we have an authentic 100% Agave spirit drink from Mexico.

At Casa Natima, we sublimely integrate tradition with modernity to create unique and different Tequila profiles thanks to the processes used by our Tequilera de Origen.

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