Biopallets: Committed to more sustainable logistics.

Agave Bagasse

At Grupo Solave, our aim is to grow alongside our people, our fields, and our community. To achieve this, it’s crucial to create strategies that not only allow us to grow sustainably but also promote the well-being of people and the care of the planet for the future.

As part of our Sustainability Plan, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we work to develop eco-friendly packaging alternatives through our three business units: Magnocampo, Casa Natima, and Nobazul.

Our goal is to achieve a much greater supply of ecological and sustainable packaging materials. One of the first steps in this area is the adoption of environmentally friendly pallets, also known as biopallets, in the logistics of our production plant in Amatitán, Jalisco.

What are biopallets?

Pallets are platforms that offer comparable or even greater resistance than conventional wooden pallets, making them ideal for heavy loads. Biopallets are hybrids, made of 70% agave fiber (also called bagasse) and 30% wood, which comes from sustainable forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Why use biopallets?

Agave bagasse is an excellent substitute for wood, as it is a renewable and biodegradable material. By using bagasse to manufacture biopallets, what was once a waste product of Tequila and Organic Agave Syrup production is now transformed into valuable raw material.

This contributes to the so-called circular economy, as this agave fiber gets a second life: for every thousand biopallets, up to 80 tons of agave bagasse are recycled. Additionally, the use of bagasse significantly reduces dependence on wood, thus contributing to the reduction of deforestation, as every thousand biopallets imply the conservation of 40 trees.

Furthermore, at Grupo Solave, we ensure that our biopallet supplier has certifications guaranteeing that the collection, storage, treatment, and co-processing of bagasse are carried out under the necessary regulations to produce international quality biopallets.

Finally, by opting for recycled and biodegradable materials, we reduce carbon footprint and the production of plastic waste that affects ecosystems’ health and people worldwide.

An increasingly relevant solution

With growing interest in developing more environmentally friendly solutions, biopallets become a priority in the industry that benefits our company, our planet, and our community. As a company dedicated to Agave-derived solutions, we are proud and excited to develop new sustainable solutions derived from our waste in our production processes. The adoption of biopallets is just one more step in our commitment to innovation and sustainability, as well as to the cultural and economic roots of the communities where we operate. We are firmly committed to continuing to put forward solutions that not only benefit our company but also our people and the world we live in.

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