ARA Certification, sustainability in our Blue Agave fields.

In the Valles Region, where our lands embrace the Blue Agave fields, a transforming commitment arises from the ARA certification, Agave Responsable Ambiental. This distinction represents a standard of excellence and a firm commitment to environmental sustainability.

History and purpose:

Faced with the challenge of a growing overproduction of Agave and the resulting environmental problems in five Mexican states, the tequila industry has taken proactive steps to address this situation. The Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT) has implemented ARA (Agave Responsable Ambiental) certification since 2021.

The CRT’s focus is on industry self-regulation and the voluntary collaboration of the producing companies to avoid the invasion of natural areas and reject the purchase of Agave grown in conditions that generate environmental problems. In this way, the agency seeks to preserve key ecosystems for the environment and climate change mitigation, in addition to ensuring that farmers do not stop producing staple crops such as corn.

Agave and Sustainability:

ARA certification is not simply a stamp on a label but a testament to the deep respect for the land that nurtures our Agaves. Responsible agriculture and sustainable practices are the pillars that support this recognition, ensuring that the cultivation in our Blue Agave fields is not only efficient but also respectful of the environment.

ARA Fundamental Principles:

ARA certification goes beyond conventional standards. We integrate sustainable practices into our operations, ranging from soil conservation to water management and biodiversity, contributing to the ecological balance in the regions where our Agave fields are concentrated.

Social and Economic Impact:

ARA encompasses environmental issues and has a comprehensive approach that includes social and economic aspects. At Grupo Solave, we promote equitable and sustainable practices that benefit local communities and contribute to sustainable economic development.

Sustainable Innovation:

The road to sustainability often requires innovation. At Grupo Solave, we integrate innovative technologies and methods to reduce our environmental footprint, from using renewable energies, such as solar panels, to intelligent waste management, using Agave Bagasse as combustion in our processes.

Continuous Commitment:

ARA is not a destination but a continuous journey. We highlight our ongoing commitment to sustainability and how ARA certification aligns with our long-term vision to preserve the environment.

The ARA certification, Agave Responsable Ambiental, transcends into our Blue Agave-derived solutions and becomes a beacon for the industry. Through our commitment to this certification, we demonstrate that excellence and sustainability can coexist.

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