Grupo Solave joins the future of Renewable Energies

We are committed to providing Agave solutions by taking care of our people, our community, our Agave fields, and our environment.

Through the great work, perseverance, and strength of our team, we are in a constant effort to be environmentally responsible by incorporating sustainable technologies and using the best practices that allow us to professionalize the work we do, from the Agave fields to our production plant, laboratories, and distribution centers.

To this end, we are pleased to announce that Grupo Solave, in September 2022, will inaugurate the first photovoltaic energy system at our production plant in Amatitán, Jalisco, México. The system consists of 4,841 m2 of solar panels, which represent the generation of an average of 38.89% per month of our electricity consumption, thus contributing to the reduction of our carbon footprint and the use of fossil fuels.

Investing in photovoltaic technology is not only crucial for its low environmental impact but will also boost our competitiveness and reinforce our commitment to sustainability by gradually incorporating renewable energies into our making processes.

¿Why Solar energy?

Solar energy is free, clean, renewable, and sustainable; since it does not generate greenhouse gasses, ashes, or any other pollutants. Additionally, our technology is bilateral, meaning that it can generate energy in both the upper and lower part of the solar panel due to the bounce of sunlight. It can also generate heat, which other renewable energy sources do not provide.

Grupo Solave’s energy system will also reduce our dependence on the country’s electricity grid, which mostly depends on non-renewable energy sources, such as oil.

Benefits of adopting Solar energy

The geographical location of Amatitán is privileged since there is high solar radiation for much of the year. That is why at Grupo Solave we have resorted to photovoltaic energy systems in our quest for an adequate source of clean and renewable energy. At the same time, solar energy represents an attractive option, since today’s rise in electricity prices is not comparable to the low cost of photovoltaic modules.

Here are some key features of solar energy:

  • Its maintenance is not expensive: The essential activity in maintenance is to have the panels free of dust to maximize energy capture. Since there are no moving parts, there is no wear. Some equipment, such as inverters, require to be changed after 5 to 10 years. Additionally, the most reliable manufacturers of solar panels offer guarantees ranging from 20 to 25 years.
  • It lowers the temperature of the production plant: Solar energy systems reduce the amount of heat absorbed by our factory roof by approximately 30%.
  • It works in cold climates: Contrary to popular belief, cold but sunny weather is the ideal climate to capture solar energy. Solar panels work more efficiently in cold temperatures.
  • It has a high return on investment: In the case of offices, production plants, and agricultural activities, the investment can be recovered between 4 to 6 years.

Why does Solar energy matter so much?

With Grupo Solave’s photovoltaic energy system, we will help Mexico meet the requirements of its Energy Transition Law, which establishes that at least 35% of the electricity produced must come from a clean energy source by 2024.

However, there is still much work to be done. According to the Center for Economic and Budgetary Research, a Mexican NGO, since 2013, Mexico has continued to increase the consumption of fossil fuels in its electricity matrix.

That is why more companies must commit to the use of clean energy because Mexico could become the seventh largest solar energy generating country in the world since 85% of the territory is optimal for solar energy projects.

The Mexican Solar Energy Association (ASOLMEX) indicates that Mexico has an installed production capacity of 8,175 megawatts, but it could be much higher. Given the extension of the territory and the levels of solar radiation (the average solar radiation in Mexico is 6.36 kWh/m2 per day, while in Jalisco it is 5.84 kWh/m2 per day), there is potential to develop and installed capacity equivalent to 28 times the total current capacity of the National Electricity System.

Not only that, but according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Mexico has the potential to grow its installed capacity by 30 GB by 2030. This could turn Mexico into a clean energy giant. As Adnan Z. Amin, CEO of IRENA, pointed out: “Mexico represents a fifth of all the energy used in Latin America and the Caribbean and is key to ensuring the success of the regional transition to renewable energy.”

The future of energy is closely linked to the future of productivity. We are committed to incorporating environmentally friendly technology that allows us to deliver better solutions while helping the planet. We’re proud to be a part of the future of renewable energy, and we hope you’ll join us. Together, we transcend.