Sailing in Mexico, an activity for sea lovers

At Grupo Solave we develop actions that contribute to leaving a positive footprint in the social, economic and environmental aspects, as well as in sports, that is why we join the effort and dedication of the athletes by supporting programs such as PAR Somos México (We are Mexico), which aims to promote the sport of sailing and elevate the name of our country in the most important sporting events in the world.

Sailing is a nautical sport that consists of completing a course in the shortest possible time on boats only propelled by the force of the wind that hits their sails. A sport as exciting as it is brave, in which sailors demonstrate their knowledge and skills at every moment and aséctof the competition.

To practice this sport, you not only need physical condition, cunning, strength, skill and perseverance, but also athletes who are willing to give everything, always competing under the same rules to guarantee a fair play among them.

Mexico has experienced sailors, including the proud winner of gold medals in the Pan American Central American and Caribbean Games, Tania Elías Calles Wolf, who also participated in the Olympic Games in Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London. In addition, in 2010, she was awarded a Guinness World Record for traveling the longest distance without any assistance in a Dinghy sailboat. She is currently the director of PAR Somos México (We are Mexico).

The High Performance Project (acronym in Spanish PAR) Somos México benefits the 12 athletes who make up the national high performance sailing team in 6 Olympic categories and who are preparing for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. The essence of the project is to form a synergy between the athletes of each category with the experience of the most veterans and experts in this sport will pass to the next generations.

The Olympic categories included in this project are: ILCA 6 (men’s single boat), ILCA 7 (men’s single boat), women’s IQFOIL (women’s single sailboard) and men’s IQFOIL (men’s single sailboard), 49er (men’s double category) and KITE formula (men’s individual).

And the athletes who will represent Mexico are:

  • Yanic Gentry (ILCA 7 Olympian Men)
  • Demita Vega (Women’s Olympic IQFOIL)
  • Gerardo Benítez (ILCA 7 Olympic Men)
  • Alex Torres (Men’s Olympic IQFOIL)
  • Elena Oetling (ILCA Women’s Olympic 7)
  • Ander Belausteguigoitia (49er)
  • Mariana Guzmán (ILCA Women’s Olympic 7)
  • Danel Belausteguigoitia (49er)
  • Cristina Ortiz (Women’s Olympic IQFOIL)
  • Xantos Villegas (Formula KITE)
  • Mariana Aguilar (Women’s Olympic IQFOIL)
  • Adam Withington (Formula KITE)

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